Global Security Features and HIPAA Compliance

Two-Factor Authentication We often receive questions from customers about how to set up CTM to ensure compliance with HIPAA rules. Behind the scenes, we have been working on new agency level security features and recommendations to help agencies achieve HIPAA compliance.

These new  Global Security Features allow an agency to require extra layers of protection to an account with two factor authentication, password protected recording URL and time limited recording URL.

There are two options for the Two Factor Authentication. First, trust a user’s computer and only ask for verification code every 30 days. Second, always ask for a verification code. Depending on how confidential the information in the account is, you can choose either or. Users still login with their username and password, this is simply an additional step to verify the user is who they say they are.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.15.29 AM

It’s probably safe to say that the call recordings are the most sensitive information within an account which is why we’ve created Password Protected Recording URL’s and a Time Limited Recording URL’s.

The Password Protected Recording URL feature allows the agency to require a login and password to access the any audio recordings which is ideal for securing the audio recording and all it’s context. The login and password will be required regardless of if the user is logged into CTM or if they received the an email notification with an included call recording.

Lastly, the Time Limited Recording URLs feature  allows the agency to set an expiration time for audio recording URL’s. This setting is ideal for securing email notification without a password.

By default, these new Global Security Features are turned off for an Agency.  You can turn them on within Agency Settings (Users>> Manager User Access).

Watch the Demo:



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Announcing Call Transfer & Call Log Enhancements

Call Transfer

We’re excited to announce a new browser phone interface that allows customers to transfer calls to other agents or receiving numbers.  The enhanced interface also provides improved ways to edit contact information, leave notes and score calls.

With our new call transfer feature, an agent can easily transfer a live call to an available agent or to a direct phone number- for example, to a cell phone or to a desk phone. Simply select an available agent from the drop down menu or type in a number and hit transfer.

Another feature is the option of including a customizable whisper to play prior to the transfer. This is a great way to improve the quality of the call, allowing vital information about the caller to the receiving agent before they’re connected to the call. Some examples of transfer whispers would be the callers name and account number or a quick summary of the reason for the call. This allows the receiving agent to be up to speed by the time they are connected.

Watch the Demo:

More updates to CTM:

  • We’ve simplified the call log, making it easier to update contact information with the call log.
  • Notes are better organized with time stamps and journaled notes.
  • Call recordings have the ability to jump to the moment of the transfer.


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E-Commerce Business? Take Note

CTM web clinic promo imageROI Revolution, a leading paid search advertising agency for e-commerce businesses, recently held a webinar describing how using CallTrackingMetrics has allowed them to increase phone sales by 60% for their clients.

I had the opportunity to be a panelist in the session and it was great to hear how the folks at ROI are taking such a systematic and thorough approach to managing paid search campaigns for their e-commerce customers.

If you are in the business of e-commerce and looking for a good way to take your paid search to the next level, I’d recommend taking a look at the recording of the session.  It gives good insight into how ROI Revolution approaches their clients campaigns and how CallTrackingMetrics can work hand in hand with them.

From ROI’s website:

This on-demand web clinic gives you the lowdown on the strategy and tool that will:

  • Bring more visibility to calls from your AdWords campaigns.
  • Improve your paid search ROI through enhanced decision-making.
  • Save you money on deadweight keywords.
  • PLUS: attendees receive a valuable quick-start kit to put this knowledge into action!


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What To Know About Google’s New Call Conversion Service

This week, Google introduced a new feature for AdWords — Website Call Conversions. It allows AdWords advertisers to tie calls back to the original ad click that led to website visit.  Its exciting news as it further validates the need for this type of detailed reporting in marketing campaigns and gives people who aren’t familiar with the concept of call tracking an easy foray into the process. 

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Introducing Keyword Spotting For Phone Calls

Save time and increase the power of your reporting!  Keyword Spotting from CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics has just launched a new service that analyzes phone calls for the presence (or lack of) particular keywords in the audio of the call.

By adding keyword spotting rules, you can tell the system to look for particular keywords and then take a variety of actions such as exclude the call, send an email, rate the call, convert the call, tag the call etc.

This feature gives you instant categorization of your calls based on keywords mentioned, allows you to quickly evaluate the quality of your sales and support calls, and automatically add conversions and ratings for your call based on what keywords are found.

Here are just some of the ways you could use keyword spotting: 

  • Wrong Number Detection: If someone mentions “wrong number” in the call, exclude the call and remove the visitor data associated with the call. 
  • Appointment Scheduling Confirmation: If someone mentions “scheduled” or “appointment”, automatically tag the call with an appointment scheduled tag or automatically mark it as converted. 
  • Call Quality Reporting: If someone mentions words like “upset” or “mad”, tag this call as “unhappy customer” and rate it with just 1 star and even have an automatic email sent to your sales manager. If someone mentions words like “happy”, “great” or “delighted”, mark it with a “good call” tag and rate it with 5 stars. 
  • Know what your customer wants ahead of time: Enter different product lines in as keywords, tag your calls with that information and then as you review your missed call audio files, you can jump right to the place in the audio where the caller mentions one of your products. 

Start Spotting Today

Keyword spotting is available through the Pro, Agency and Enterprise plans. IAnalyze Keywords in Phone Callst is $.20 per rule applied.

You can get started by going to “keyword spotting” in the reporting dropdown. Once on that page, you can start creating as many keyword spotting rules as you wish. 

As your rules are applied, you will see a bullseye in your call log next to the call and you will see a new voice analysis area in the detail of the call. 

Join the Keyword Spotting Webinar to Learn More 

Learn about Keyword Reporting from CTM Our engineers will be going through how the keyword spotting tool works and the best ways to set it up. Take a quick minute to sign up. 

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Call Tracking Dynamic Number Replacement and Cloaking


We don’t use cloaking.

What we do has a passing resemblance to cloaking, but we’re not messing with keywords, and not trying to lie about page content.

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Google Brings “Not Provided” To Ads- How it Affects CTM

As suspected, Google is moving to secure search for clicks on paid search ads. Google made the announcement yesterday:

“Today, we are extending our efforts to keep search secure by removing the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on will continue to have access to useful data to optimize and improve their campaigns and landing pages.  For example, you can access detailed information in the AdWords search terms report and the Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries report.”

What is affected in CTM? 

As your calls come in, we have traditionally immediately reported the search query the user typed into the search engine within the source detail column of the call log. That information will likely say “not provided” going forward.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.22.13 AM


Similarly, the search queries will increasingly show up as “not provided” in the calls by search term report.  

If this information is critical for you to receive right away for your calls, we recommend adding parameters to your URL’s in Adwords using ValueTrack. How to use ValueTrack parameters in your destination URL’s),


What wont be affected?

You will still be able to see the keyword that generated the ad click (as opposed to the actual query as described above) in the call log as well as in the calls by ad keyword report and this information will be available through our API, in our sync to GA etc. Nothing will be changing about that information. This information is just typically not populated for an hour or two after the call comes in due to the time it takes to get it from google.

Source detail of call

We will post more as we learn more!

Update (May 25th 2014)

We now will replace the (not provided) section with the adwords provided keywords.  Additionally, it’s useful to note that to get adwords data your Google Analytics account must be linked to Adwords in addition to your CallTrackingMetrics account.

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Security for Heartbleed Vulnerability

We’ve noticed a lot of activity and concern over the recent OpenSSL  Heartbleed bug.    This post is a review of the steps and actions we have taken to ensure our service remains secure.

Action by CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics has reviewed all services including some third party integrations to ensure that all properties under our control have been either patched or confirmed that they were not affected by.

Changing your CallTrackingMetrics password

We have no evidence that any customer data (including user names and passwords) was exposed.  However, if you have any concerns about your account’s protection, you should change your password.

1. Sign in to CallTrackingMetrics at

2. From the main navigation click on your eChange passwordmail address and select Your Profile.


Regenerating your API access keys

1. Navigate to your account settings or agency settings page.

2. Click Reset API Access.


If you need additional help, contact us


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Spotlight On: Pacific54’s Instant Call Reporting




Across this year, we will be highlighting interesting things that our customers are doing with the CallTrackingMetrics platform. We hope that this provides potential and existing customers with ideas about how to use CTM reporting while also providing customers we work with the opportunity to promote their services. 

We start with Pacific54, an online marketing agency located in the trendy Wynwood district of Miami. They specialize in creating intelligent online solutions- anything from building websites to complex custom platforms.  They work with a range of customers including local businesses, startups & large enterprises like (KFC, Exteria, Keiser University,etc.)

The developers at Pacific54 leveraged the CTM API to provide their clients with a variety of reports to demonstrate the performance of their advertising campaigns while also giving them instant information about their leads. They used the CTM calls API as well as the FormReactor. 

Click 2 Call Forms

Pacific54 combined CTM’s FormReactor with Piwik to send their clients an instant email as soon as a web form is completed. The email includes rich details such as the visitors time on site, pages viewed, number of visits, location (based on IP), name of the caller (3rd party called ID lookup), and the keyword or referrer that brought them to the website.  Here is an example:

Example of Click to Call Instant Email

Example of Click to Call Instant Email




Inbound Calls

At the end of each call, Pacific54 also sends their clients an email with the caller details, name, audio recording, location on the map based on caller id so they instantly know the background on the lead that just came in.

This is what it looks like:


Inbound Call Email

Example of Email After Inbound Call


Weekly Emails

Finally, they leverage the CTM API to weekly and overall statistics about call volume so clients know the busiest times for their calls, month to month performance etc.

An example:  

Example of Weekly Performance Email

Example of Weekly Performance Email


What has the reaction been?

The guys over at Pacific54 report that the emails are easy for the clients to digest and they really help to emphasize the value of their advertising services. Its especially useful in service industries like lawyers, travel agents, and doctors where most conversions come in over the phone. 

Contact us if you have any questions about leveraging the CTM platform to create these types of reports.



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Announcing Call Queue’s and Outbound Calling

We have been busy! These latest enhancements to the CallTrackingMetrics software allow you to:

New Role Type: Agents 

You can now add users to the system with the new “Agent” role type. Agents are able to view just the calls in the

Adding New Agent to CTM

call log that they have answered as well as make outbound calls.  Each agent can have their own receiving number, picture, and schedule of availability. If no schedule is entered, it is assumed that the agent is always available to be part of a queue.

Agents can be part of a call queue and accept calls that way or you can assign an agent to a call using the “set agent” feature in the agent column of the call log. 



Call Queue’s (Now found within the numbers drop-down)

From this page you can:

Call Queue

Call Queue

Within a call queue, as calls come in, available agents can answer and can take the call by pressing 1 after the prompt. At that point, the call is considered answered and it wont be available to other agents.

The call log will automatically display the agent that accepted the call in the “receiving” column.


Outbound Calling (Now found in the call log)

Click Phone Button to Make Outbound Call

Click Phone Button to Make Outbound Call

While we have previously had the ability to return calls from the call log, agents can now initiate brand new outbound calls using the new orange “Phone” button found in the call log.

These outbound calls are listed in the call log with their audio recording with an outbound icon and are associated to the correct agent placing the call. You can also now view outbound calls by agent in the new calls by agent report.


Post Call Scoring (Now found within the calls dropdown.)

This feature allows you to customize the “score” column (previously named the “sale column) of the call log.  In this customization, you can choose to include fields like conversions, ratings, tags and notes. The scoring questions you choose will be presented to agents whenever they are viewing the call log to take inbound calls or place outbound calls so they are sure to complete the information in the moment. The results are all surfaced in the new calls by agent report.

Scoring Calls









Calls by Agent Report (Now found within the calls reports)

This new report shows you stats by agent such as inbound calls, outbound calls, conversions, revenue, average talk time and average ratings for calls. Its a great tool to manage the performance of your customer service or sales agents.

Enjoy! And as always, let us know if you run into any issues using these new features or if you have any suggestions for future enhancements.



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