CallTrackingMetrics Showcasing Call Center Software at ICMI Expo in Orlando

Come visit us at Booth 245! We are debuting new call center features and pricing plans at the 2015 ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference today and tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. With these new enhancements, CallTrackingMetrics is increasingly bridging the gap between optimizing advertising around calls and optimizing call centers around conversions.

Across the past 18 months, we have steadily been rolling out sophisticated call routing tools geared at call and contact centers so that customers no longer have to use two different products to track their advertising and their call center agents. With the release of the CallTrackingMetrics Soft Phone, call center customers do not even need a phone to accept calls but rather have the flexibility to be on the phone anywhere from their computer. Coupled with the release of the advanced agent queueing capabilities and a real time contact center dashboard, we are entering the call center industry rapidly and providing customers with flexible, transparent call center pricing options typically not seen in the space.

Booth ICMI

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CallTrackingMetrics Integrates with HubSpot

HubSpot is  a powerful, easy to use, integrated set of applications, businesses can use to attract, engage, and delight their customers by delivering inbound experiences that are relevant, helpful and personalized.

If you are using HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Software, you can now easily sync call leads coming through your tracking numbers to your HubSpot account. This will allow you to holistically view your leads and manage call conversions in HubSpot.
With CallTrackingMetrics integration with HubSpot we are able to not only create a new contact for each caller but we are also able to include all the valuable information around the source of the call and all the website visitor information around the call.

Hubspot requires all contacts to have a email address, CallTrackingMetrics only is able to capture email addresses when the premium caller id is turned on and even in that case we only capture them when they are available. When an email address is not present our software will automatically create an email address for the contact. This email address is going to be a the callers phone number Example

Start by logging into your CallTrackingMetrics account and select your settings option>> Account settings >> CRM Integrations. From

Click on CRM integration on the sub-navigation then choose HubSpot.
HubSpot Integration setup

You will then be prompted to enter information about your HubSpot account.
HubSpot Integration setup

Once you have connected your hubspot, You can control various settings about how you want to sync information such as:


Once you have your account linked you’ll have the option to customize when calls get sent into Hubspot.

The first option is for the call duration, you can select the minimum duration of the call for it to be sent into hubspot.

The second option is going to be whether or not we send in all calls or only new callers into hubspot. Keep in mind that by default Hubspot will create a new contact for every call.

The third option is to sync contact data on call start. Turning this on will make it so the call information will be sent into hubspot at the beginning of the call. Turning it off will make it so the information goes in at the end of the call. Some users find they like it sending it at the beginning of the call so during the call they can be logged into hubspot and make notes and edits to the contact while the caller is still on the phone. Other like to wait to handle that information post call.

The fourth option is to only send call with visitor data attached.

HubSpot Integration Email Client button in the Call logOnce calls start coming in, you will see them show up as leads in HubSpot. The phone number, caller ID info, audio file, and tracking source (google paid, referral etc) will all show in HubSpot with the call.

You will also have the option of emailing the client by clicking the hubspot icon in the call log.


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Softphone by CallTrackingMetrics– No More Desk Phones!

With CallTrackingMetrics latest softphone update, your can turn your computer into an advanced phone and call controller so you can easily handle all of your phone needs without any physical hardware or complex PBX systems. This system allows you to easily combine the great marketing and call tracking analytics engine behind CallTrackingMetrics with your contact center–not only saving you money and reducing complexity but allowing you to also increase the value of getting marketing data and sales data closer together. Here are some highlights of the CallTrackingMetrics softphone  system.

Inbound Call Queues

Route calls to agents using either using simple Simultaneous or Round Robin rules or you can use more complex rules that determine which agents to ring to based on a weighting factor, time of day, location of caller or current capacity.

In addition to routing calls through the softphone, Call Queues allow you to dial them on their landlines and mobile phones with an additional option for agents to press 1 to accept this call prompt to ensure they are actually answering instead of ringing to their personal voicemail box.

Outbound Calls

softphoneAgents can use the softphone to quickly and easily place outbound calls right from the call log (click the orange phone button in the upper right or click the call button next to the name of a particular caller). This is useful for either returning calls from within the realtime call log or by looking up an existing contact via our quick contact search feature. Within the phone, start typing in a phone number or contact and we will search through everyone who has ever called you.

In addition, you can choose to have your outbound calls recorded, which can be turned on from the call settings page. This is a great tool to ensure you never miss a detail on calls and for managers to evaluate call quality after calls complete.

All outbound calls appear right in the call log just like your inbound calls. You will see they have an outbound arrow distinguishing them from your inbound calls.

Call Transfers

calltransferUsing our softphone it’s now easier then ever to transfer to either another agent within your contact center or to any outside phone line. You can choose to play custom whispers to the agent you are transferring the call to as well- such as the account ID of the person on the phone.




Conference Calls

conferencecallYou can also do live transfers or conference in multiple parties.  Our conference system is capable of handling 100s of people so you can even use it for teleconferences- imagine the cost savings and simplicity of not having to have a 3rd party service for your teleconferences. And all of your outbound calls can be recorded right in CTM, so you can access recordings of your conference calls right from the call log.




Contact Information

softphoneWhile you’re on a call you can manage the contact information for the current caller without leaving CallTrackingMetrics.

We provide you with easy access to a place to capture notes, add tags email and name of the caller. We hear from many customers that these features allow them to use this system like a mini CRM.

If you plan to use our softphone in conjunction with a CRM you are already using, such as with Salesforce, all of your calls can be sent right into Salesforce as soon as the call starts! Learn more





We are very excited about the softphone and the potential value it has for our customers. Please try it and let us know what you think. We are adding features to the system daily and we are working hard everyday to incorporate your feedback to make CallTrackingMetrics the best analytics and phone system for your business.

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Notifications- Instant Call Tracking Reporting Customized to Your Program

Notifications are a valuable tool thats included in all CallTrackingMetrics plans. You can create an endless amount of custom notifications to be sent to an email address or as a text message. Notifications are customizable alerts that can be sent after a call, weekly or monthly. Commonly uses for notifications:

  • Missed calls
  • Voicemails
  • weekly / monthly call volume reports
  • agent reports
  • tracking number or tracking source alerts
  • Form Reactor submission alerts

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5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Call Tracking

Your boss has given you the task to go out and research call tracking companies. They want you to simply find the best, which makes you ask, “what information do you want to know?” Are you looking for the most cost efficient, most fancy features or maybe best online reviews? Well no need to worry, we’ve got you covered with the top five things your boss wants to know about call tracking.

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A close look into Google’s new click to call ad campaigns

Call Only ad example

Call Only ad example

A few weeks ago Google Adwords released a new ad campaigned called the Call Only Ads. Lets start off by discussing the differences between a call only campaign and a text campaign and how to use them in conjunction with your CallTrackingMetrics tracking program.

There are a few distinguishing factors that separate the Call only campaign:

  1. Only available on mobile devices , (not available on tablets even if they have mobile capabilities)
  2. Even though your website is displayed is it NOT a Clickable link.
  3. Click anywhere on the ad and it will take you to your dialer to dial the number.

Text Only Campaign:

Text ad Example

Text ad example

  1. Available on all devices:
    1. Desktop
    2. Tablets (with or with mobile capabilities)
    3. Mobile
  2. Clickable to your website link.
  3. Clickable to your ad extensions to place a call.

When comparing the call only ads to the text ads, the call only ads act as fabricated ad extensions. When someone calls your ad extension google is going to charge you a same as a click, you aren’t going to be able to view any reporting around the search that took place before the call. This is essentially how the call only campaigns work; you’ll only get charged when there is a click to dial and there won’t be any visitor information reporting around the search before the call was made.

In order for the Call Only ads to work with CTM You’ll need to follow these steps.

  1. Link your Google Analytics accounts to Google Adwords.
  2. Link Google Analytics accounts to Google Webmasters.

To link both Google Adwords and Google Webmasters Tools to your Google Analytics account log into your Analytics account >> Admin >>

where to link your Analytics account up with Adwords and Webmasters

where to link your Analytics account up with Adwords and Webmasters

By having these two account linked to Analytics it bypasses the need for them to check your website to verify the number is displayed there. If you do not have both Adwords and Webmasters linked to your Analytics account Google is going to need to verify the  ownership of the number by going to your website and comparing numbers. If your numbers do not match (which they shouldn’t if you’re using CallTrackingMetrics) they will not approve the ad.

Much like how we recommend having separate numbers for Google Adwords and ad extensions, We also recommend having a designated number for your call only ads. This will create flawless and easily manageable reporting.

Have you tried the call only ads? We want to know what your thoughts are, is it the next best things since sliced bread or is it a fad that will pass? Let us know by commenting below.

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Press Release: No more asking how did you hear about us, call tracking specialized for the home improvement industry.

No more asking “how did you hear about us”, have the answer before you answer the phone so you can make the most of every call.  CallTrackingMetrics specializes in call tracking for home improvement companies, allowing them to capture crucial information about leads before they even pick up the phone. While many experts predicted that the phone would be a dying communication channel for businesses, recent studies show that more shoppers use the phone as their preferred way to investigate a company. This is particularly true for service industries, like home improvement.

CallTrackingMetrics provides home improvement companies with tracking phone numbers for all of their marketing channels so that they can place those numbers in their advertisements and on their website dynamically. When the phone rings, the business will know who is calling, which marketing channel led the caller to them, and previous interactions with this caller. Home improvement companies can track TV, radio, print, business cards, flyers, billboards, and any online advertising campaigns like PPC, display, banner and organic efforts. For online call tracking CallTrackingMetrics provides the detail of the website visitor that is making each phone call – including the keyword the caller searched when they found the website or online ad, the landing page and the referring site. This information is incredibly valuable for optimizing online campaigns, SEO efforts and website funnels.

To further suit home improvement businesses large and small, CallTrackingMetrics is equipped with advanced tools like geographic routing which routes callers to the location closest to them. Call Center features allow for the routing of calls to queues of agents,  preferred routing to agents with higher closing rates and routing calls to the agent that last spoke with them.  In addition to seeing the marketing channel that drove each call, home improvement companies can see which channels are resulting in closed sales- and which agents in particular are closing the most sales.

Another reason CallTrackingMetrics is a perfect fit for the home improvement industry is the ability to provide tracking numbers for each canvasser (door to door salesman). As soon as the call comes in, it is credited to the correct canvasser that generated it. Never lose credit for a lead again! Utilizing the call scoring also helps managers identify who’s bringing quality leads and who is generating the most in sales.

CallTrackingMetrics, founded in 2008 by Todd and Laure Fisher, was launched to assist advertising agencies and businesses track which advertising sources are converting into phone calls. They have developed a unique algorithm to match exact website visitors to phone calls. CallTrackingMetrics has since evolved from a small phone call tracking company to an international leader in the industry; providing in depth call tracking and call center routing services to over 20,000 companies in over 30 countries worldwide, and have tracked millions of phone calls.

CallTrackingMetrics has gained much of its popularity for their excellent customer service, easy to use software and ability to integrate with major services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Salesforce, Optimizely and WordPress.


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The Spam Detective Is Here

spam-calls-womanSpam calls are issues for any phone number or phone type- its just particularly annoying in the call tracking space because you generally have a lot  of phone numbers routing to your agents and you are tracking every single phone call to get important reporting data. This week, we are announcing the Spam Detective, to protect your reporting and your agents from dealing with these annoying calls.

Spam calls can happen on local or toll free numbers. There are various reasons you may see spam calls coming into your tracking phone numbers — they could be targets of traffic pumping schemes, war dialing, or phone hacking – just to name a few.  These issues are challenging to fix and in fact the FCC is going to great lengths to try and stop these practices and have a number of investigations ongoing. CallTrackingMetrics works with our carriers to ensure that the numbers we offer for purchase are not currently involved in any of these schemes, For example, our numbers sit unused for at least 6 months before we re-offer them into inventory and even then, we do not release numbers into inventory until they have reached minimal levels of incoming phone calls. We are also continuously reporting suspicious patterns to our carriers so that they may make blocks upstream to prevent these dialers from getting through. But, the game is changing every day in this space so a number that had no spam activity yesterday could all the sudden be added to a dialer list the next day.

Customers often ask us what they can do to help. A few years ago, we developed a nifty “block” feature in the call log that allows customers to block calls from a particular caller number or caller ID. This can be particularly helpful for blocking telemarketers or wrong dials. But, as spam dialers are increasingly spoofing their caller ID (randomly insert real telephone numbers that are unrelated to the actual caller into what is commonly referred to as ‘caller id.’), this is not going to stop many of them because they will change their caller ID the next day.

But now we have another way to block these guys: The Spam Detective. We have partnered up with a number of carrier databases to extract information about the path a call is coming through and if the path is likely “spammy”, you can choose to handle that call differently. The Detective can either tag calls as spam or route these calls through a voice menu which asks the caller’s to enter keypresses to get any further. This allows CallTrackingMetrics customers to a) filter spam calls out of their reporting using the auto-tagging feature and b) prevent these calls from distracting your agents or eating up valuable minutes. For each call, in addition to the caller ID, you will see the carrier routes the call came through.

We are excited about this new feature. We have a number of enhancements to the algorithm planned in the coming months to continue to fine tune the Detective.

To turn it on for your account, go to numbers—> call settings—> Spam Detective. Its a small add on fee ranging from $.03 to $.015 per call depending on your plan. Beta testers have said its well worth the cost in terms of reporting quality and keeping agents focused on the calls that matter.

Try it out- and let us know what you think!


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CallTrackingMetrics gives back to it’s Community

CallTrackingMetrics gives back.

Our staff here at CallTrackingMetrics is made of motivated and hard working individuals, but more than that CallTrackingMetrics is made up of families. As parents and grandparents we understand the importance of being active member in our community and as a growing company we take pride in having the ability to give back to our community.

This past holiday season CallTrackingMetrics embarked on their first ever charity initiative, partnering with St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital to help end childhood cancers. We are pleased to announce we raised and donated over $2000.00 to this great cause.

Since then we’ve donated and have been heavily involved in helping our local elementary school build a new playground. We believe it’s important for the children to have a local safe place to run around and play.

We’ve also joined and become very active members in the local Chamber of Commerce. Sponsoring and participating in the Chambers events.

As our businesses continues to grow and thrive we look forward to having many more opportunities to give back and get involved in our community.

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Voice Options


Have you seen this new control and wondered what the little icons do?


The first icon actually controls the “voice” for text-to-speech. When you click it, the control will show you options for “Generic Male”, “Generic Female”, or “Awesome Alice.” voiceoption-voice-2

Awesome Alice can speak many different languages with a “proper” accent.


Press the “play” icon to listen to the text you have typed into the control.voiceoption-play-1

You can also upload your own recordings. Clicking the “upload” icon


will open a window that will allow you to upload your own audio.


After you choose and upload your file, the control will say “recorded audio.” Press the “play” icon to listen to the uploaded recordings. The upload icon also gives you access to recordings you previously uploaded and built in system recordings like “ringing” and “classical.”

Last, but not least, the “microphone” icon allows you to make a recording from your computer or a phone call.


After clicking on the microphone, you can choose to start recording from your computer,


or we can call your phone number to make the recording.


Have fun with the new voice option control.

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