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Transcriptions and keyword spotting are powerful tools that harness the technology of speech analytics to help you make the most of your call recordings.  When call transcriptions are enabled, our transcription service will analyze recordings of your phone calls to

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Since the dawn of time sales managers have been listening in on their rep’s calls to track productivity, evaluate performance, and identify coaching opportunities. My first experience with a call center was in the late 90s doing third party verification

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If 20% of your advertising is driving 80% of your sales, don’t you want to know as much as possible about that 20%? As a results-driven, pay-per-click advertising agency ranked by Google in the top 5% of Google’s Partners worldwide,

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The treatment specialist

Case Study: The Treatment Specialist Why the intelligence from CallTrackingMetrics is crucial to The Treatment Specialist By: Marissa Katrin Maldonado Marketing Optimization, Call Monitoring, & Telephony Solutions As a sales and marketing consultant I audit my clients and provide them with the

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With Marketo, your customers can visit your website with full behavior tracking, sign up for email campaigns, fill out beautiful forms… and then call your company and leave you with no way of matching the call to that data. This

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Learn what call intelligence is, why your business needs it, and how CallTrackingMetrics takes it even further.

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We are excited to announce the latest enhancement to CallTrackingMetrics’ dynamic number insertion technology: GeoContact ℠. GeoContact allows a business to dynamically replace the phone number on their website based on the visitor’s geographic location. This provides a whole new dimension to

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With the latest round of updates to CallTrackingMetrics ROI reports, customers are able to connect calls and the revenue from calls back to each advertising channel and ad that led to the call. This gives advertisers, affiliates and publishers powerful data to

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We are always seeking feedback from our customers so that our product and our service can be the best in the industry and truly provide great value. We partnered with G2Crowd across the past year to collect feedback from our customers

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