One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, “Should I sign up for Agency or Enterprise?” Both of these plans allow you to have an unlimited number of sub accounts and users. There are number of key differences

White Label

On the Agency plan you can white label on our domain. Your clients will be able to login at, this is where they’ll see your logo and access the call log. On the Enterprise plan you can white label on a subdomain of your website (ex: to access the platform.


We have three billing options:

  • On either plan you can put down your company’s credit card to pay for the client’s use of CTM and bill them back through your own billing process.
  • With both plans when creating a sub account you can generate an invite for the client to enter in their credit card to pay for the usage of just their account, “CallTrackingMetrics” will show up on their bank statement.
  • On the Enterprise plan, there’s a third payment option which is to use our Stripe integration. This will allow you to charge your customers back for their use of CallTrackingMetrics at marked up rates. So you’ll still pay CallTrackingMetrics for your client’s usage but you can use Stripe to charge your client’s credit card at whatever price you want for their usage. For example if you’re paying us $1.50 for a number but you want to charge your client $10 for that number. You can also create subscription fees or a % markup. Whatever you name your Stripe account is the name that will show up on your client’s credit card statement.


We have several integrations available on both the Agency and Enterprise plans. These include Google Analytics/AdWords, Marin, Kenshoo, HubSpot, Pardot, etc.

On the Enterprise plan we do offer an integration with Salesforce. To learn more about how this integration works, check out this blog post.

Contact Center Features and Reporting
All of our plans support multiple call queues (routing of calls to a set of agents or receiving numbers.) However, our Enterprise plan supports additional agent routing features within each queue.

The Enterprise routing rules allow you to set a schedule for an agent, geo route calls to a particular agent, limit the number of calls to an agent (i.e. number per hour and total per day), limit the number of simultaneous calls an agent can handle, and a weighting that will give an agent priority over another agent.

Our Enterprise plan also has a Realtime Agents Dashboard that shows how many calls are in progress, the status of each agent, and summary information including the total inbound and outbound calls for the day, active calls, missed calls, and the number of available and busy agents.

CTM Tip…

You can always start on the Agency plan and later upgrade to the Enterprise plan. If you’re still unsure or have questions, contact our fantastic sales team.