Call Transfer

We’re excited to announce a new browser phone interface that allows customers to transfer calls to other agents or receiving numbers.  The enhanced interface also provides improved ways to edit contact information, leave notes and score calls.

With our new call transfer feature, an agent can easily transfer a live call to an available agent or to a direct phone number- for example, to a cell phone or to a desk phone. Simply select an available agent from the drop down menu or type in a number and hit transfer.

Another feature is the option of including a customizable whisper to play prior to the transfer. This is a great way to improve the quality of the call, allowing vital information about the caller to the receiving agent before they’re connected to the call. Some examples of transfer whispers would be the callers name and account number or a quick summary of the reason for the call. This allows the receiving agent to be up to speed by the time they are connected.

Watch the Demo:

More updates to CTM:

  • We’ve simplified the call log, making it easier to update contact information with the call log.
  • Notes are better organized with time stamps and journaled notes.
  • Call recordings have the ability to jump to the moment of the transfer.