CallTrackingMetrics understands the high priority you place on connecting with prospects and clients and wants to help you reach them better—and faster. To that end, we’re excited to announce a new feature to our call management platform: Auto Dialer.

This productivity-driving feature automates your callbacks based on criteria and timeframes that you customize, helping your team instantly connect with prospects and customers in need. By defining rules and milestones inside the Auto Dialer’s control panel, you can manage your calls simply and strategically in line with agent availability and caller behavior. The result is increased responsiveness, better lead cultivation, and higher conversion rates.

Form Follow-Up – Auto Dialer continues to build on the functionality CTM developed in in 2013 with FormReactor, an automated, configurable system that alerts agents and employees in real time when online forms have been submitted. FormReactor already incorporates text and email notifications, but for increased responsiveness, CTM enables you to populate the Auto Dialer directly from FormReactor. This allows your agents to respond to online submissions within moments.

Strategic Response – The Auto Dialer then generates a call between the appropriate agent and the customer. And because getting the most out of this Auto Dialer will require a strategy, it also lets you configure callback frequency from minutes to days, based on conditions like whether or not a caller hung up on a previous call, agent availability, previous call lengths, and more. Used in combination with our smart routing functionality, Auto Dialer can make sure you’re contacting the right prospect with the right agent—at the most strategic time.







Optimized Workflow – By setting case-specific conditions within the  Auto Dialer and leveraging your existing queue configurations, your agents will find themselves connected efficiently—progressing from call to call without missing a beat. And, if an agent has already made a meaningful connection with a prospect or customer, the Auto Dialer can be configured to recognize these prior calls and remove them from the callback queue. This keeps your agents from repeating efforts and prevents unwanted contact. Users can also restrict dialing outside of standard business hours, and the Auto Dialer will adjust these hours based on a caller’s timezone.


No More Missed Opportunities – Fast response times and agent availability are critical to success. CallTrackingMetrics’ Auto Dialer connects you with prospects and customers in need of service in the right way at the right time—boosting conversions and helping you provide the outstanding service that sets you apart.

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