We are excited to announce our new Enterprise plan which allows agencies to white label the CallTrackingMetrics software on their own domain and control the prices they charge their customers for use of the service. This leverages our new integration with Stripe, a payment processing system that any agency can begin using to process credit card payments from their clients. 

Mark Up Pricing Enhancement- Now Available Through New Enterprise Plan 

1) Your agency credit card still covers the upfront usage by your client of the CTM service through your agency shared balance. You pay the fees for your selected plan.

2)  You create custom marked up pricing schedules to apply to client sub-accounts in your agency. You can set marked up pricing for tracking numbers, minutes, calls, and text messages.

3) You have two options for billing your customers back for their usage at the marked up pricing schedules:

  1. Integrate your sub-accounts with Stripe: In Stripe, you choose how often you want to charge your client for their CTM usage and our system sends the information to Stripe so that the client’s credit card is charged in Stripe at the marked up rates of the price schedule they are on.
  2. Manually bill your clients back through your own process: From the agency dashboard, export usage into a CSV file each month which includes the usage at the marked up price schedule each sub-account is on.

4) Another nice new feature is that you create custom sign up pages where your clients come to sign up for the service. They enter their credit card, which will be used by Stripe to bill them at the intervals you set up in Stripe for billing them back.

You don’t have to use Stripe to take advantage of the mark up pricing abilities, but it does make it easy for collecting payments from your customers each month on their credit card.

White Label on Your Own Domain- Now Available Through New Enterprise Plan 

Have you been running the service on a calltrackingapp subdomain or looking to white label and just waiting for the right time? By upgrading to our new Enterprise plan, you can run the CallTrackingMetrics service on your own domain and have system emails go to your customers from your own email.

To get started, go to change plans and choose the Enterprise plan. There is a $149 monthly fee and a $298 one-time set up fee to get your secure site set up. We walk you through the process– it typically takes 5 business days.

Summary of New Agency Billing Options Available Through Enterprise Plan: 

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.08.16 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.08.36 AMAgency Billing Options