Call Tracking Metrics allows you to integrate offline phone call events back into Google Analytics online reports. 

How Does it Work?

When a phone call is made to one of your Call Tracking Metrics tracking numbers, the call activity will be sent to your Google Analytics account. You can choose how you would like the call activity to be represented as event tracking and/or goal conversion tracking.

In addition, by linking your Call Tracking Metrics and Google Analytics accounts, you are able to layer website visitor data with your call data in your Call Tracking Metrics custom reports. (i.e. calls by source vs. visitors by source etc).

How Do I Get Started?

1) Set up your Call Tracking Metrics account. Through the set up, you will enter your destination phone number and you will purchase your tracking numbers for each marketing source you want to track (Google PPC, Google Organic, Facebook etc).

2) Go to your Call Tracking Metrics “Account Settings” page to link your accounts. At this point, you will be able to choose how you want to push call data to Google Analytics.

There are two options:

  • Record Calls as Custom Events: This will record custom events into your google analytics account each time a call is made through a Call Tracking Metrics tracking number.
  • Record Calls as Page Views: This will record a call as a page view in google analytics. This is useful if you would like to use google’s goal conversion tracking, among other features of google analytics.

What will I see in Google Analytics?

Each time a call is placed through one of the Call Tracking Metrics tracking numbers, the call data will be pushed to your Google Analytics account. This will include the following information:           

For Event Tracking:

  • Each call will be a call event
  • You will see “actions” for the calls, which are the marketing sources you are tracking with Call Tracking Metrics
  • For each call, you will see caller ID info and phone number for each call
  • The event value for the call is the duration of the call

 For Page Views:

  • phone call metrics in google analytics Each call will be a page view
  • The page view will be recorded as the landing page of the caller (the first page the user saw on your site)
  • The campaign for each call will be CTM followed by the tracking source you are tracking within Call Tracking Metrics
  • The medium is set to one of cpc, organic, referral, etc.
  • The source of the call is set to one of google’s standard sources such as google, bing or the domain name of the referring site.

 What will I see in Call Tracking Metrics?

In addition to the rich reporting on phone calls that you are used to seeing in your Call Tracking Metrics reports (calls by source, calls by keyword etc.), you will now also see website visitor information such as: 

phone call tracking metrics

  • visits by source
  • new vs. returning visits
  • visits by day
  • visits by source
  • and many more