CalltrackingMetrics tries to offer plans to fit every business no matter how large or small the company may be. We offer four plans to choose from:

CallTrackingMetrics PricingThe starter plan acts as a free introduction to our software giving the user limited access to our many features. We created this plan to allow our clients to test the waters before they jump in. After all, call tracking is fairly new technology and not its common knowledge to know how to use our software. This allows our clients to get comfortable with features like our virtual voicemail, call queues and routing technologies before they upgrade.

We find that many of our clients get comfortable continuing to user our starter plan over long periods of time. Surprisingly enough, this may not be the most efficient option: upgrading to the pro plan could save money and add value to your CallTrackingMetrics program.

Here’s why:

Upgrading to the pro plan has many advantages including reduced monthly number fees. The Starter plan is $3 local and $6 toll free, while the Pro Plan is only $2 local and $4 toll free.


Even with the monthly fee the Pro plan in many cases ends up being more cost efficient.

The pro plan also unlocks several valuable features such as our Google Integration- one of our most popular integrations. Our clients have found the information gathered from our google integration to be invaluable. Holly L.- Search Account Manager at Advision said “Knowing which keywords are driving calls allows us to know how to better optimize the account and where to allocate budget to get the best ROI.”

The Starter plans also does not provide the detail of the visitor matched to each of your calls.


Starter Plan Call Log Information

Compared to the Pro plan providing visitor data (click the image to enlarge)

Pro Plan Call Log information

Pro Plan Call Log information

For example, on the pro plan we are able to provide you with the landing page the visitor was on, the traffic source, referring page and all the ad campaign information. We are even able to credit the calls as conversation in adwords.

Other Pro Features include:

  • Keyword for the caller
  • PPC Information – Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • RIO Report
  • Advanced Reporting:
    • Calls by keyword report
    • call by referring report
    • calls by landing page
    • PPC Reports (calls by campaign adgroup)
  • Integrations with the following software:
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adwords
    • Optimizely
    • HubSpot
    • Pardot
    • Kenshoo
    • marin Software
    • Box


So- we hope that this comparison was helpful. We often get asked how the two plans compare. Bottom line is the starter plan is a great way to get started and for many people, is a great fit. If you are doing any kind of PPC or online advertising though, the $29 is well worth the ability the Pro plan gives you to map each call back to an ad click.