The webinar walks through each step of setting up both integrations and highlights the differences between the two.

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Key factors that separate CTM’s Google Analytics and Google AdWords Integrations:

Google Analytics:

  • CTM sends all inbound calls into Google Analytics as events.
  • Goals can be created around those events and those goals can be imported into Google AdWords.
  • The imported from Google Analytics to Google AdWords will count as clicked conversions in AdWords.
  • These conversions are generated from website visitors who have clicked a paid ad and landed on a landing page and then placed a phone call.
    • This is the key factor for the integration – When the website visitor hits landing page, CTM’s tracking code should be on the page as well as Google Analytics. When CTM send the event into Analytics we send all the data we were able to capture about the website visitor and ask them to make a match. Requesting any additional paid information Google Analytics has about the website visitor. If Google Analytics is able to match the data CTM’s capture to a website visitor they’ve tracked, they will then pass the paid click information from the website visitor to CTM.

See the full instructions for the Google Analytics integration here.

Google AdWords:

  • The Google AdWords integration is designed to capture campaign information from call only and call extensions.
  • The big separator is that for call only and call extensions ads, both CTM’s tracking code, and Google Analytics tracking codes are not present, thus not tracking.
  • The Google AdWords integration is unique because rather than placing our tracking code on the landing page we are going to place a unique script inside of Google AdWords, This allows CTM to communicate directly with Google AdWords.
  • Double forward – Now that CTM has a script inside of Google AdWords running they can request data from AdWords, But first, Google needs to also be tracking the call. This is accomplished by using Google forwarding numbers that will forward to our tracking number. This way we can match our call data with the call data Google AdWords captures. If a match in data is made they will pass the campaign data into our system.
  • The calls generated from call only and call extensions will be counted as phone call conversion inside of Google AdWords.See the full instructions for the Google AdWords integration here.


In order for either integration to work properly, both CTM & Google needs to be tracking either the landing page or call.

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