share the love

Yesterday we announced our big “Share the CTM Love” campaign, where we’re asking you to send some folks our way! If your referral signs up in the month of February, we’ll give both of you a credit to your CTM account (see details)!

Who should you tell? Your friends, family, neighbors, old college roommates, dentist, barber, plumber, realtor, fellow metro riders, your suitemates on the elevator ride up to your office…anyone who has a phone number! Well just about anyone, here’s some ideas to help get you started:

Industries that CallTrackingMetrics is perfect for:

5 Reason they should sign up:

  • Know who’s calling and what marketing channel led to the call. Know exactly what you are getting from your advertising dollars.
  • Use real time reporting to make actionable decisions.
  • Sales Management- use call recordings for coaching and tracking conversions.
  • Intelligent routing– priority access to calls for top closers, route calls based on the caller’s location, call scheduling.
  • Our app, take the office with you. Get quick snapshot reporting, make and receive calls with your tracking numbers.

There you have it! Now get out there and share the CTM love!